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Holden Street Theatres Adelaide Fringe Season 2013

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Glory Dazed

Holden Street Theatre Co Inc. & Second Shot Productions

Adelaide Fringe Best Theatre Award Wk1

The Adelaide Critics Circle Best in Fringe Award


★★★★1/2 The Advertiser – Tim Lloyd

★★★★ Sunday Mail – Matt Byrne

★★★★ Kryztoff

★★★★★ Theatre Guide Online


Angry Young Man

Holden Street Theatre Co Inc. & Mahwaff Productions

Angry Young Man won the Critics Circle Award

Wk 1


★★★★★ The Advertiser

★★★★1/2 Kryztoff

★★★★1/2 InDaily

HST Stats 2013

22 registered events across 3 venues

199 performances

6 world premieres

2 Australian Premieres

5 South Australian premieres

11 of our shows were awarded 4 or more stars (12% of the Fringe’s ‘90’) with 4 receiving 5 star reviews (33% of the Fringe’s ‘12’) and our shows won the following awards

Glory Dazed - Critics Circle Week 4 Award for Best Theatre

Life in Miniature - Adelaide Fringe Award for Best Dance

Breaker - Underbelly Edinburgh Award

Angry Young Man - Adelaide Fringe Week 4 Award for Best Theatre

Breaker - Adelaide Fringe Week 3 Award for Best Theatre

Stuperstition - Adelaide Fringe Week 3 Award for Best Theatre

Candice McQueen: Nasty! - Adelaide Fringe Week 3 Award for Best Cabaret

Glory Dazed - Adelaide Fringe Week 1 Award for Best Theatre

Glory Dazed - Adelaide Fringe Week 1 Award for Best Theatre

Angry Young Man won the Critics Circle Award for Week 1

An estimated audience of over 9,500 attended shows at or produced by Holden Street Theatres, which is approximately 21% more than last year.

6+4+3+International visitors to Adelaide

Interstate Visitors to Adelaide

Holden Street Theatres and Second Shot Productions Presents

Glory Dazed by Cat Jones

UK theatre

@The Studio


Winner of the Holden Street Theatres’ Edinburgh Award for 2012, the BBC Alfred Bradley Award and the Old Vic New Edinburgh Fringe Season, Glory Dazed is a darkly comic and acerbic look at the impact of war upon returning soldiers, developed with ex-servicemen prisoners at Her Majesty’s Prison & Young Offenders Institute Doncaster. The play comes to Adelaide following an Old Vic New Voices Edinburgh Award season and was rated 20th of 2,700 shows at the Edinburgh Fringe according to The List’s Top Rated List.

Produced by Second Shot Productions, a social enterprise creating arts opportunities for serving prisoners and ex-offenders Glory Dazed is a response to the over representation of ex-servicemen in the UK prison population.

Written by Cat Jones and directed by Elle While Glory Dazed is a four hander featuring Samuel Edward-Cook as Ray; Chloe Massey as Carla; Adam Foster as Simon and Kristin Atherton as Leanne. Ray’s been screwed up since Afghanistan but tonight, in a suburban pub, he’s going to win his ex-wife back. “Incredibly written; beautifully paced, engaging” - Three Weeks

êêêêê British Theatre Guide êêêêê Three Weeks

êêêêêExaminer.com êêêêêBroadway Baby

Season: 13 Feb at 2pm. 12-14 Feb at 7.30pm. 9-10 Mar at 12.30pm. 23 Feb at 1pm. 16 Mar at 3.30pm. 19-24, 26 Feb, 1-3, 6-7, 9-10 Mar at 6pm. 15-17, 27-28 Feb, 12-17 Mar at 7.30pm. 5, 8 Mar at 9pm

Tickets: $16.50 - $26.90

Contact: Neil Ward Publicity 0438 095 580 neil@neilwardpublicity.com.au

Holden Street Theatres and Mahwaff Theatre Co. Presents

Angry Young Man by Ben Woolf

UK comedy

@The Studio


The Multi-Award Winning UK comedy, Angry Young Man, makes a welcome return to the Adelaide Fringe after a seven year absence. Produced by Mahwaff Theatre Co and presented by Holden Street Theatres, Angry Young Man has become an international comedy hit winning numerous 4 and 5 star reviews and breaking Edinburgh box-office records and taking over the West End from a hit season at Trafalgar Studios, London.

Written by Award Winning Playwright and Director Ben Woolf, Angry Young Man tells the story of Yuri, a brilliant Eastern European surgeon who arrives in London in search of work and a new life. Instead he meets Patrick, a young man offering help, friendship and a trip to the heart of the English countryside. But what they find there reveals some cold truths about England. And what Yuri discovers about Patrick forces him to choose between a life in Britain and his honour.

"Brisk, funny, slicker than an oil spill in a tuxedo is this charming comedy"

Evening Standard

“…hits you on so many levels; sharp dynamic directing, slick acting and wonderful writing…” - British Theatre Guide

«««««Adelaide Theatre Guide «««««Sunday Mail

««««« Edinburgh Theatre Guide «««««Metro UK

Season: 13 Feb at 12pm. 12-14 Feb at 6pm. 16 Mar at 2pm. 16, 23 Feb at 2.30pm. 2, 9 Mar at 3.30pm. 15-17 Feb, 12-17 Mar at 6pm. 19-24, 26 Feb, 3, 5-10 Mar at 7.30pm.

27-28 Feb, 1-2 Mar at 9pm.

Tickets: $16.50 - $26.90

Contact: Neil Ward Publicity or 0438 095 580 neil@neilwardpublicity.com.au

Holden Street Theatres and Weslo Holdings Pty Ltd Presents

Funny Business- The 2013 Comedy Galah

THE WORLD comedy

@Thebarton Theatre

Get your glad rags on as Funny Larrikins make Galahs of themselves in a raucous night of hilarity and fun. Comedians from everywhere gather in the name of silliness. This year’s stars;

Host - Marcel Lucont – flâneur, raconteur, bon-viveur and easily the greatest UK-based French comedian around.

Smart Casual – ‘Exceptionally clever and well executed... destined for big things’-Buzzcuts ‘Immediately likeable. Aussie laconic humour is alive and well’ - The Age.

David Quirk - blunt, brazen and brilliant.

Eddie Bannon - Direct from Ireland in his only Fringe appearance. After a six-year comedy hiatus, the ‘mloke’ (mate/bloke) from Ireland is back, bringing with him his signature wit and cheekiness.

Gravity Boots & Friends – are Adelaide born, comedy group presenting storybook sketches and songs with high quality writing, explosive performances, and that fearless joy you get from young, avant-garde artists with an abundance of talent and a brilliant sense of humour.

Not to be advertised star – probably Australia’s funniest comedienne

Not to be advertised star – Australia’s hottest new up and coming comedy star

And many more...

Now too big for Town Hall, don’t miss this spectacular!

Season: 9 March @ 7:30pm

Tickets: $25 - $31

Contact: Neil Ward Publicity or 0438 095 580 neil@neilwardpublicity.com.au

Holden Street Theatre Co. Inc and The Recycled Theatre Co Presents

Shakespeare For Kids

SA children’s theatre

@The Studio

As part of the 2013 Adelaide Fringe children’s program Holden Street Theatre Co. INC & The Recycled Theatre Co are presenting Shakespeare for Kids from 22 February to 10 March in The Studio, Holden Street Theatres, 34 Holden Street Hindmarsh.

Based on Charles and Mary Lamb's (1775-1834) Tales from Shakespeare, the season is the first of its kind at an Adelaide Fringe and features four of Shakespeare’s classic plays; A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Romeo & Juliet The Tempest and Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, and performed by four local actors; Joanna Webb, Kate Dayman, Tom Cornwall, Stephanie Hall and one UK Actor; Peter Watson Directed by Martha Lott with Lighting Design by Tony Moore.

The stories are told with classical theatrical devices and good old stage craft. The traditional language is brought to life by the actors and a narrator leads the story telling all offering a door to the imagination of the observer. Our production blends Lamb’s Tales and the language of old in recycled, gluten free, organic theatre for children of all ages.’

‘Whilst the original plays were written by William Shakespeare somewhere around the 1600’s Lamb’s version of the stories were written by Charles and his older sister Mary Lamb in 1807’

- Martha Lott, Director


Season: - All shows commence @ 11am

Hamlet, Prince of Denmark: 22 Feb, 2, 9 of March

Romeo and Juliet: 23 Feb, 3, and 8 March

The Tempest: 24 Feb, 6 March

A Midsummer Night’s Dream: 1, 7, 10 March

Tickets: $14.50

Contact: Neil Ward Publicity 0438 095 580 or neil@neilwardpublicity.com.au

Blue Fruit Theatre Presents

Agnes of God

SA/UK theatre

@The Arch

Agnes of God is a dramatic story of a young nun who is accused of murdering her new born baby. A court appointed psychiatrist, Dr Martha Livingstone, is sent to assess her sanity however her investigation is complicated by the interference of the Mother Superior. The interrogations which follow force all involved to re-examine the meaning of faith and the power of love, leading to a dramatic and compelling climax.

The play was a major hit on Broadway; described by the New York Times as an 'outstanding play' that 'deals intelligently with questions of religion and psychology', the NY Daily News as 'riveting, powerful and electrifying' and The New York Post as ‘unquestionably blindingly theatrical’. It was also made into a film of the same name starring Jane Fonda, Anne Bancroft and Meg Tilly and was nominated for three Academy Awards and won a Golden Globe.

Despite being written in 1979, the issues it raises of faith, understanding, tolerance and compassion are extraordinarily relevant to society today.

With an outstanding cast and director, this play will stay with you long after the lights come up.

“Riveting, powerful and electrifying” - New York Daily News

Season: 2 Mar at 4pm, 24-25, 27 Feb, 1, 4-6 Mar at 6:30pm, 23 Feb, 3 Mar at 8pm, 26 Feb, 7-9 Mar at 9:30pm

Tickets: $15.00 - $20.00

Contact: Shona Benson via: bluefruittheatre.@gmail.com or 0410 722 744

Sodid Svid Theatre Company Present


Iceland/Scotland theatre

@The Arch

A remote island full of mythical tales, childhood memories and a recent horrific event is the setting for the local woman and the city boy, forced to confront their prejudices. Breaker is a brilliantly poetic new Icelandic play translated into English; moving, delicate and powerfully performed.

The production brings together Scottish and Icelandic artists to create a dynamic piece of theatre which plays on traditions of storytelling and the human tendency to seek reason and explanations in a world which so often defies our need for order.

Cast: Julie Austin and Mark Wood

Season: 16, 23 Feb, 9, 16 Mar at 2pm, 15 Mar at 5:15pm, 15-17, 19, 21-23, 26, 28 Feb, 7-10, 12-13 Mar at 6:30pm, 20, 27 Feb at 8pm, 1-3, 5-6, 14, 16-17 Mar at 9:30pm

Tickets: $20 - $24

Contact: Salka Gudmundsdottir (writer) via: salkagud@yahoo.co.uk or 003546182501

Graeme Maley (director/translator) graememaley@hotmail.com or 00447794704126

Melbourne Cabaret Festival Presents

Candice McQueen: Nasty!

UK cabaret

@The Studio

London cabaret star Spanky appears for the first time in Adelaide for a performance of his/her hit show ‘Candice McQueen: Nasty!’

Spanky held a seven-year residency at London’s infamous Bistrotheque and has performed for three British Prime Ministers and had private bookings at the request of Elton John and Alexander McQueen.

Spanky’s alter-ego, the immortal demi-goddess Candice McQueen, is a Mr Sister who has partied her way around the world for thousands of years. She has a heart of ice. It's her weak spot. So she's like Samson with a superior weave. The show is a comedy-cabaret about Candice falling in love with a fallen 90s screen idol and the journey to save both their lives weaving 90s pop culture and fashion.

Its premiere at the 2012 Melbourne Cabaret Festival was universally acclaimed by audiences, reviewers and peers, with a Herald Sun reviewer uncharacteristically dropping an f-bomb on twitter, exclaiming “That was fucked up & brilliant & funny & beautiful.”

Season: 3-4 Mar at 9pm, 1-2 Mar at 10.15pm

Tickets: $25 - $28

Contact: David Read via: hotticketpr@gmail.com or 0402 099 222

3 of A Kind Productions Pty Ltd

Gravity Boots

SA comedy

@The Arch

Sixty-Six million years ago the Dinosaur Chieftains wrote a book that was lost in magma; but that is neither here nor there. Surreal stories, wonderfully weird creatures and a live dog… maybe… no. Directed by Paul Foot, Gravity Boots’ new show is the tale of two travellers, sort of.

Adelaide-born, surreal comedy act Gravity Boots are a pair of story mechanics who together with their guitarist, grow and perform visual chestnuts for people to come and laugh at. James Lloyd-Smith and Michael Cleggett are the two young men who concoct and perform the absurdist tales while Austin Harrison-Bray leaks out the rich chocolate score.

Gravity Boots create weird and charming worlds, populated by outlandish characters. They unleashed their storybook style of theatrical comedy for the first time at the 2011 Adelaide Fringe Festival and made their international debut last year at the 2012 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Their new show Snakes Pretending to be Seatbelts is the next instalment in the Gravity Boots’ wet sack of shows. Under the direction of UK comedian Paul Foot, who jumped on board after seeing the group shake their candy in Edinburgh, Snakes Pretending to be Seatbelts displays the quivering heart of Gravity Boots: ridiculous lies, performed as insane truth.

Stories, songs and thousands of snakes, falling from the ceiling. The new show from Gravity Boots is for those who wish to see something they have never seen before.

‘Utterly bizzare…yet gloriously entertaining’ Festival Freak, 2012

Season: 5 Mar at 8pm. 6-7, 13-14 Mar at 8pm. 8-10, 16 Mar at 8pm. 15 Mar at 9.30pm. 12 Mar at 8pm

Tickets: $13 - $17

Contact: Carolyn Lee-Bannon via: flee3ofakind@gmail.com or 0450 167 102

3 of A Kind Productions Pty Ltd Presents

Jenny Wynter’s Wonderland

QLD cabaret

@The Arch

Fringe is a wonderland, as is this variety show where spontaneous silliness is the star! Join Jenny Wynter in this mishmash of cabaret, improv, comedy and gorgeous house band, Betty and the Betties.

After sell-out performances around the country of her award winning "An Unexpected Variety Show", Queensland’s beloved musical comedienne with a passion for improvisation is back in “my home away from home!” Adelaide with a brand new show…and this time, she's bringing some sassy singing ladies with her! A capella swing gals Betty and the Betties (featuring Jenny’s sister, Angeline Wynter) are the resident ‘house band’ in this part improvised, part scripted, all wonderlandish celebration of the awesomely ridiculous, and the ridiculously awesome.

From pintsized David Bowie costumes, to calorie free fairy floss, to disciplining children through the power of dance, join Jenny and the Betties as they invite you to forget your worries for an hour and enjoy the wonderland that is: 'being very silly'!

About Jenny: Jenny has trained in and performed improvised comedy with some of the USA and Canada's greatest teachers, including Second City, Loose Moose Theatre and more. Since starting out in comedy in 2005, she has become known for her spontaneous, energetic and interactive style and her trademark improvised songs based on audience suggestion: no two shows are ever the same!

WINNER of Excellence in Cabaret, Melbourne Fringe 2011.

««««« "A sparkling gem" NATG.

"Captivates...from start to finish" - BeatMagazine.

Season: 15 Feb at 8pm 16-19, 21-22, 24-26, 28 Feb, 1-3 Mar at 8pm. 23 Feb at 9.30pm.

Tickets: $5-$18

Contact: Carolyn Lee-Bannon via: flee3ofakind@gmail.com or 0450 167 102

Anything Is Valid Dance Theatre Presents

Life in Miniature

WA dance

@The Caravan

One of WA’s most innovative dance companies invites you to experience Life in Miniature. Set and performed inside a caravan to an intimate audience of 5 people at a time, this show takes you up-close to the lives of two unknown travellers. Playful, exciting and strangely beautiful, Life in Miniature is a dance show about two people, one small space and time on the road!

The show was nominated for 4 Perth Fringe awards including Best Dance, Award for Emerging Artist, Spirit of the Fringe and the top tier Martin Sims Award for most promising new work, and recently enjoyed a sell-out season at the inaugural Move Me Festival. With an original score by WA composer Tristen Parr, this show promises to surprise and delight audiences, taking them through the highs, the lows and the surreal of the great Australian driving holiday.

Places are strictly limited so book early to avoid disappointment. Life in Miniature is supported by the Department of Culture and the Arts (WA), Ars Musica Australis and through generous assistance via crowd funding website Pozible.

“Contemplating a trip in the caravan? It comes highly recommended” -The West Australian

"…completely absorbing" - Perth Now

“A little gem… danced with athleticism and panache” - Arts Hub

Season: 16-17, 19-23 Feb at 6pm, 16-17, 19-23 Feb at 7pm, 16-17, 19-23 Feb at 8pm

Tickets: $23 - $28

Contact: Serena Chalker via: serenachalker@gmail.com or 0407263316

Limited Edition Presents

Limited Edition: In the Raw

SA cabaret

@The Studio

Does being 'in the raw' give you goosebumps? This show will make your skin tingle, bring pleasure to your ears and warm the cockles of your heart!

In a stripped back and honest production, the eight voices of Limited Edition offer you an a capella musical journey through music theatre to jazz standards to pop classics. Be mesmerised by the warm and rich harmonies and luscious tones that these eight individual voices can produce as they seamlessly blend together.

Limited Edition's love and passion for music is obvious and their natural and charming style ensures you walk away from a performance feeling like you have had a personal and unique experience.

Much like a mature, full-bodied red wine, Limited Edition has ripened years over the last 21 years to become a feast for the senses.

The voices of Limited Edition are:

Soprano: Kylie Green & Rosie Hosking

Alto: Catherine Riggall & Jane Sanders

Tenor: Scott Green & Craig Wood

Bass: Bruce Harris & Kym Waters

Season: 2, 9, 10 Mar at 2pm, 8 Mar at 6pm

Tickets: $20 - $25

Contact: Catherine Riggallvia: info@limed.com.au or 0438 820 763

Melbourne Dance Theatre Presents

Madam Butterfly

VIC dance

@The Studio

It is love, passion, promises, and a full scale betrayal where Butterfly executes her final metamorphosis with the help of the Katana blade. One of the world’s best-loved operas, Puccini’s Madame Butterfly transcends its frontiers into a rich display of contemporary dance and neo expressionist dance.

Madame Butterfly explores the depths of the human heart where love & passion are birthed and bred, ultimately climaxing into promises of complete and total surrender of the heart, mind & soul of one person to the other in a moment in time, and then the downhill plunging into full scale betrayal where Butterfly ultimately executes her final metamorphosis. Madame Butterfly takes her audiences on a roller-coaster journey of human emotions, soaring to the highest pinnacle and then plunging to a fatal end.

With Madame Butterfly, choreographers Martin & Michelle Sierra have assembled a diverse cast of performing artists that embrace a choreography rich with virtue, sensibility, grace, intrigue and challenge and spoken in a language of skilled aerial partnering, expressionism and a fusion of contemporary dance disciplines. Melbourne Dance Theatre’s performance of Madame Butterfly is an innovative new work produced especially for the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

Most engaging…..It offered a texture of human necessity, and well served the themes of the pieceDance Informa 2011

The show was amazing, the dancers had the ability to draw you in to their world

**** 4 star rating, Dancehub 2011

Season: 3 Mar at 2:30pm, 1-2 Mar at 7:30pm

Tickets: $18 - $28

Contact: Michelle Sierra via: msierra02@gmail.com or 0416 083 732

Room Two Presents

Ménage À Trois

SA cabaret

@The Arch

Although widely known as the king of instruments, to many nowadays the organ is considered no more than just a curiosity in grandma’s lounge room and something from a bygone era. This is about to change at the 2013 Adelaide Fringe Festival, as ‘Ménage à Trois – Two Girls, A Guy and his Organ’ breathe fresh life into this versatile and most musical of instruments.

Featuring an original Hammond C3 electronic organ and Leslie Speaker, both circa 1974,

Carolyn Ferrie, Rosanne Hosking and Chris McPhee have got stage experience aplenty and are all well qualified to inject some energy and fun into the heart of this organ.

With a menagerie of classics from the stage, pop, jazz and beyond, audiences will see how an organ, when played with passion, can thrust itself into the depths of any song, and create more than just a little excitement.

Carolyn Ferrie and Rosanne Hosking have both been treading Australia’s music theatre boards for over twenty years. With professional productions of “Phantom of the Opera”,

“Cats”, “South Pacific”, “The Secret Garden” and “Next to Normal” among their show credits, these girls have got personality and pizzazz!

They are teamed with one of Australia’s premier organists, Chris McPhee – a performer regularly in demand across Australia and overseas.

So, get ready to be teased and seduced as these girls pull out all stops to win the affection of one man....and his organ.

Season: 14, 16, 17 Mar at 6:30pm

Tickets: $20 - $25

Contact: Chris McPhee via: shirazdurif@aapt.net.au or 0401 831 726

The Moor Rose Presents


SA music

@The Box

Ever heard bouzouki and cello together? How about a sweeping melodic line in a Moorish-influenced instrumental or an epic cello solo in a Roots-infused song? Well-crafted and distinct in the fusing of musical styles, The Moor Rose creates something special when they play...

Formed in 2011, The Moor Rose combines the tunes of talented, self-taught

multi-instrumentalist (guitar, bouzouki, flute, percussion), and songwriter Stuart Rose, accompanied by the powerful, moving tones of classically-trained cellist and bass player David Rose. Though they are not related by blood, together they play a blend of Acoustic Folk, Roots, Jazz and World Music, with beautiful songs and sensational instrumentation.

Stuart Rose, being a self-taught musician (“unclassically untrained”, he muses), his intuitive & improvisational style creates uniquely soulful music. Whether performing as a solo artist, in the duo The Moor Rose, or as a session musician, he is acclaimed for the warmth and richness of his music. As a journeyman through many different genres of music, Stuart now finds joy in blending musical styles & genres, developing fusions that cross between East & West; influenced by Celtic, Indian, Arabic, Spanish & African traditions. He brings a diverse & dynamic palate of sounds to his performances – including Adelaide Fringe 2010 & 2012, Garden of Unearthly Delights 2011, Tour Down Under and WOMADelaide 2007.

Recognisable for his unruly hair, David Rose has a passion for music and a repertoire spanning over three decades of eclectic performances. From hauntingly beautiful improvisations to session work with established artists, David’s incredible “feel” for the groove takes the listener on a journey of discovery. Festival appearances and gigs, such as the Port Fairy Folk Festival, Adelaide Fringe and support spots with Tex Perkins, Jeff Lang and Damien Leith, provide an outlet for David’s ongoing musical exploration.

"Evocative, sensual and passionate" - World-Folk-Fusion.

Season: 17, 24 Feb at 3pm

Tickets: $8.50 - $14.50

Contact: Stuart Rose via: themoorrose@yahoo.com.au or 0411 139 562

DL Productions Presents


ZA magic/illusion

@The Studio

Sleight of hand expert Stuart Lightbody takes a controversial and entertaining look at modern superstitions. This award winning show is filled with psychological illusions, impossible feats, and thought provoking demonstrations.

Stuart Lightbody finds himself in the strangely paradoxical position of performing illusions while encouraging scepticism; in “Stuperstition” he takes a candid shot at psychics, mediums, astrology and faux medicine, all the while weaving his own brand of magical entertainment. The show is filled with psychological illusions, impossible feats and thought provoking demonstrations.

They say that seeing is believing; well seeing this show will make that unbelievable. Prepare to have your mind blown!

Stuart is both a graduate from and lecturer at the College of Magic in Cape Town, South Africa. At the 2005 S.A. Magic Championships he won the Grand Prix Trophy, becoming theSouth African National Magic Champion. He has represented South Africa at the World Magic Seminarin Las Vegas in 2005 and at theWorld Magic Championships in Sweden in 2006.

‘A highly entertaining look at both superstition and magic. His visual trickery is accompanied by wit and self-awareness…’ - Cue Newspaper

Standard Bank Silver Ovation Award Winner (Grahamstown National Arts Festival, South Africa)

Season: 1-3 Mar at 5pm, 27 Feb, 5 Mar at 6pm

Tickets: $20 - $27

Contact: Stuart Lightbody via: slightbody@gmail.com

Thebarton Theatre

(Not necessarily fringe but playing in the Feb/Mar time of year)

Adrian Bohm by arrangement with Lisa Thomas Management Presents

Danny Bhoy – Dear Epson

SCOT comedy
@ Thebarton Theatre

Letters. Funny old things? They can make you laugh. They can make you cry. They can make paper aeroplanes. This show features some of the letters you never got round to writing because you thought life was too short. Well, I think life is just about the right length, so plenty of time to write to these arseholes. Crusade is not the right word, but join me on my crusade to effect real change in this broken world. This is a stand up show with some sitting down.

‘Brilliantly original and intoxicating comedy. A warm, likable everyman with a penchant for following mundane logical absurdities to wonderfully daft conclusions.’ The Guardian

‘Had the audience simultaneously weeping with laughter and nodding in agreement.’

Herald Sun

Book Early To Avoid Disappointment. Show Length 75 minutes. No interval.

Visit www.dannybhoy.com or www.abpresents.com.au for more information on Danny Bhoy’s tour dates

Session: Monday 11th March at 8pm

Tickets: From $48.50

Contact: Sebastian Bohn via: seb@abpresents.com.au

Marshal Dillon Enterprises Presents

Marshal Dillon

SCOT music

@ Thebarton Theatre

If you like Michael Buble and Harry Connick Jr, you're going to love Marshal Dillon! The Scottish born entertainer will be performing songs from his new CD ‘Big Big World’.

Blue-eyed, tall, good-looking and a killer voice the Marshal has no shortage of followers. Fantastic reviews and incredible comparisons with Michael Buble, Paul Anka and Harry Connick Jr in the USA and UK make this a show not to be missed.

There's a new Sheriff in town, don't miss out!

Session: Friday 22 Feb at 8pm

Tickets: All Tickets $39.50

Contact: Kevin via: info@themarshal.com

Billions Australia Presents

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

AUS music

@Thebarton Theatre

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds have announced they will bring their renowned live show to Australia in February and March 2013. With it they will bring music from right across their fifteen studio albums including the rich inquisitiveness of their beautiful new long player ‘Push The Sky Away’ (released Feb 15 2013).

Always powerful and engaging, the band featuring Nick Cave, Warren Ellis, Jim Sclavunos, Thomas Wydler, Martyn Casey, Ed Kuepper and Conway Savage will take to the stage in Australia’s most majestic and beautiful venues with the grandest production of their career.


Tuesday, 26 February 2013 & Wednesday, 27 February 2013 | SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE

Performing classic and new material for their Opera House debut, part of the evening will feature members of the Sydney Symphony
Tickets: www.sydneyoperahouse.com/music
presented by Sydney Opera House, Sydney Symphony & FBi Radio

Saturday, 2 March 2013 | SIDNEY MYER MUSIC BOWL, Melbourne

Tickets: www.ticketmaster.com.au presented by RRR

Sunday, 3 March 2013 | THEBARTON THEATRE, Adelaide

Tickets: www.venuetix.com.au presented in association with the Adelaide Festival

Wednesday, 6 March 2013 | RED HILL AUDITORIUM, Perth

Tickets: www.redhillgigs.com.au or www.oztix.com.au presented by RTRFM

Friday, 8 March 2013 | RIVERSTAGE, Brisbane

Tickets: www.ticketmaster.com.au or www.oztix.com.au

For more information check out www.nick-cave.com or www.billions.com.au

Tickets: from $109.75

Contact: Paul Sloan via: Paul@billions.com.au

Interesting Articles and write-ups and FAQs


2013 – Adelaide Critics Circle, Best Show in Fringe Award

Adelaide Fringe Award for Best Theatre Wk 1 – Glory Dazed

Underbelly Edinburgh Award – Breaker

Adelaide Fringe Award for Best Dance – Life in Miniature

Adelaide Fringe Award for Best Theatre Wk 4 – Angry Young Man

Adelaide Fringe Award for Best Theatre Wk 3 – Breaker and Stuperstition

Adelaide Fringe Award for Best Cabaret Wk 3 – Candice McQueen: Nasty!

This Fringe was the most exciting and artistically successful Fringe we have had. With 8 awards for shows at Holden Street and no show scoring less than 4 stars we can safely say this was our best Fringe. The companies were a delight and the challenges exciting. We look forward to another incredible year.

Renowned for Theatre we also have a strong history of dance, music and puppetry and we are looking for all genres to be a part of our programme.